Private Occupational Medicals


Pre-employment medicals may be required for drivers, healthcare workers, ex-army personnel, transport industry employees and cruise ship workers etc.

Please note, it may be possible to obtain some employment visas through online booking with companies that offer them in bulk. Do be aware that such visas are not always valid for all work and locations and you may need to ensure you book with a qualified practitioner.

All medicals are performed according to the industry requirement to determine the suitability of the candidate for the proposed post and are often needed whether you intend to work in the UK or abroad.

Subject to satisfactory examination, Certificates of Fitness to Work will be issued.

Medical may require:

Examination, ECG, Chest X-Ray, Blood tests, Vision testing, Audiogram (Hearing test), Urinalysis.

Cost :  dependent on medical required


To work as a taxi/private hire driver you must be medically fit which means meeting the DVLA Group 2 standards. We can provide the medical examination you require.

Please bring :

Forms provided by your council for the taxi medical; Driver’s Licence; Glasses if you wear them with any recent opticians prescription; Prescriptions of medications you take.

Depending on your council we may need a medical summary only from your NHS GP

Cost : £75


We offer complete D4 Medicals required for lorry/bus/minibus drivers or anyone requiring a Group 2 DVLA Licence.

Please bring :

D4 Medical Examination form; Photo ID; Glasses if you wear them with any recent optician’s prescription; Prescription of medications you take.

Cost : £75


Often employers will require a medical to ensure fitness to operate machinery such as cranes.  Your medical will include:

Medical examination

Vision assessment


Please bring : Photo ID; Glasses if worn; Prescription of any medications.

Cost : £100

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