‘My dream of learning to solo skydive looked dead in the water after being unable to get medical clearance for a long term health condition I have. I visited Dr Bani & the private GP team to at least try and clarify a good enough reason, linked to my condition, as to why I shouldn’t enter the sport of skydiving. Dr Bani & his team completely exceeded my expectations! They took great care & attention to make sure that if I followed my dream it wouldn’t have a detrimental effect on my health condition. So after extensive research and various tests Dr Bani was able to deem me medically fit to jump. I am now happily throwing myself out of a plane (with parachute attached) as often as I can. Thank you so much to Dr Bani and his team!’ Paul Holliday

‘As a busy professional it can be difficult to fit in routine appointments at doctors and dentists, etc., at a time to suit me, around my work. I initially used Private GP Now for everyday checkups and health screening because they are easy to schedule at convenient times. I soon realised, though, that they are also extremely efficient and professional and in fact suit me better than my original GP in many ways. The clinic is very clean and well presented – it is so unlike the typical waiting room full of sick people and germs. It is located very centrally and the free car park is a bonus, too. The cost is lower than I expected, especially for such excellent service and helpful professionals. I have been extremely satisfied with the expertise and support I have received from all staff and I plan to continue my appointments with Dr. Bani and his team for the foreseeable future.’ Professor Vikas Shah